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Activities we offer:

We are keen to provide our students with a wide range of activities, and give them a choice in those they wish to participate in. All of the sessions we plan, aim to be fun and engaging, whilst demonstrating practical skills required for independent living. See below a brief description of the day to day activities that we offer and see the  gallery page for photos of students at work.

Students learn the skills required to prepare and cook hot meals and cakes.  Whilst working in the kitchen, students also learn to carry out all cleaning duties such as washing up, hanging washing, loading the dishwasher and general kitchen hygiene. 
We have an excellent carpentry shop that makes high quality wooden products. Our students have made jewellery boxes, planters, coffee tables, wooden looms, built in cupboards, storage boxes, shelving units and even bed frames! All made from recycled or reclaimed timber. 
The health and well-being of our students is very important to us. Since September 2013 we have been offering various sporting activities to our students such as football, rounders, dodgeball, badminton, aerobics and circuit training. We are lucky to be located in an area where sports fields are just a 5 minute drive away, so for sports in summer, we make good use of this land. Other activities include basketball, trampolining, cycling and swimming. We also have our own gym, in the unit next door.  
russell craig chris gym (2).jpg
During furniture restoration sessions, the group are encouraged to create a beautiful finish to one off pieces of furniture, ranging from chairs to tables to cabinets..anything! The students are taught techniques such as distressing, gilding and stenciling. 
We are keen to help our students learn not only creative and activity based skills, but living skills to enhance independence. These include time telling, travel training, handling money and domestic chores.  
Upz and Downz
Stevie bird stencil.jpg
We have recently introduced creative & therapeutic art sessions for our learners. A range of mediums are used, with techniques ranging from blending, stippling,      stencilling   and gilding. These skills are then easily transferred to creating unique, up-cycled items of furniture.
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